My first web page (in flash)

I’d like to hear your opinions about my web page. It’s the first time a make a web page in my life, though i have previous experience with flash and AS3 since i did a lot of interactive presentations before.
I must say that i did everything with extensive OOP, I mean I wrote a ton of classes :). I did everything from the ground up, and it’s been really exhausting, even a simple site like this was a challenge to me as i noob. I didn’t want to use libraries since i was very lazy to look for in the web for a specific code i would need, and thought i would spend a lot of time adapting that to my specific needs, so i decided to write it all by myself (I did use TweenMax, though). My head still hurts…:frowning: …but i learned so much you couldn’t imagine. you can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes!
So, please leave your critiques and opinions!!
Thank you very much.