My interview and some props

My personal showcase site got stumbled upon by a mod at this site and they posted a few threads about it and my bum site. They were even nice enough to interview me cause I’m so rediculously cool.

Interesting read as usual Ethan. :thumb:

Congrats on the spotlight too

Hey congrats man, thats a great article. I also didn’t know you had a personal site like that, very well done.


Really nice ethan :slight_smile: It’s funny and informative!

Nice indeed Ethan congrats :slight_smile:

Nice nice Ethan. Oh btw, I need to do an interview for school tomorrow and I chose you. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Are you going to ask me anymore questions or are you just going to use the ones already there? I think you should give my picture out to all the cute girls in your class too.

You know how often I go into school on Saturdays.

Just so you know, I’m a freshman, so the girls might be a little young for you.

link’s dead there Ethan :-/

You have to register to see it I believe.

**** it’s a trick to make all of kirupa sign up just so we can read Ethan’s “interview”.

It worked earlier, to bad i just skimmed it - because i really want to read it in depth now tha ti have time :frowning:

Is it worth registering to read?

Congratulations Master President King Lord Sir! :thumb: not sure why it’s making you register now to read it…

lol I just noticed… You have the same music playing on yer site that I was going to put on mine a while ago… But the site sucked to so I stopped making it :to:

anyway… :thumb: