My Laptop just came in


So far I am loving it. After all that research I ended up rolling with a Dell Inspiron 1750, 2.3ghz Duo core processor, Nvidia 256 go7800 video card, DVD Burner, 80gb hdd, 17in WUXGA wide screen. All for 1500.00!!!

Off top this thing is ultra quiet.
Screen is really awesome.
Renders 3d scenes fairly quick (radiosity tests)
OpenGL seems real responsive, even with a scene with a million polys.
I can run LW, Illustrator and PS at the same time with no hesitation.

I was skeptical on Dells at first but so far I give it a thumbs up. Delivery was real fast too. They did install a bunch of crap tho. :bad::fight: This is basically replacing my desktop for now. And it is working well.