My Media temple frustrations just hit the roof!

I like Media temple don’t get me wrong but my hole problem with them is that if you have a DV server you don’t have any real options for php5.2 if you want to use php extensions

If you use the “how to” from mt on the upgrading to php5 you will not be able to compile and phpize extensions with out problems because of the default php4. I asked MT what I can do about this and they told me to install php5.2 from source code, But here’s the catch plesk will probably cause problems so I’m better off doing EVERY thing from scratch with out plesk if I am going of the beaten path! WTF no love for new and medium skilled users at MT!

So I did what any loser would do, I downgraded my server. GRRR! :upset:

I need a host that will let me install very simple php extensions like amfext and IMagick with out giving me the run around. Any pointers?[URL=“”]