My movie is getting slower and slower

At this rate, it will come to a complete halt altogether at any time now.

I am thinking it has something to do with my highly inefficient (or nonexistent) code, as I’ve been forced to do things kind of old school to achieve the effects I want, not having been able to find answers to problems I’ve been having with AS.

Can’t delete the post, but anyways, I deleted what I thought might be the culprit and the whole shebang sped up dramatically. :pleased: It was a large animated square in the background - just a shape - that moved through roughly 125 frames repeatedly. It had a complex mask - a shape with approximately 2000 vertices - that it showed through.

It took me like nearly 2 hours to make the whole thing and it looked really cool. I thought that because it was all vector graphics and shapes that there wouldn’t be a performance hit. I guess I was wrong :whistle:

<sheepish grin> <-where’s the smiley for that?