My Muppet Mania Website

Hey Everybody,

I'm a CS major at East Tennessee State University and this is my first post  I first would just like to say that I really like this website it's got some really good flash tutorials, which I've used alot!!!  Anyway, for one of my classes I created a website using photoshop and then put it together in dreamweaver mx.  

For some reason my professor wanted it to be in a "pop-up" window, not really sure why but I think it turned out ok.  I think that I could add more text and I think that a few of my buttons aren't working correctly but I would love to have some feed back on my site!!! :)  It's just standard HTML but I'm hopefully going to add some flash to it later!! :)  Please enjoy my MUPPET Website! 

The url is

~ ETSUSnake ~

I love the muppets! It was really cute when the little animal came up on the home page when you were about to enter. I think though that you should get rid of the white space in the center of the stage on the next page. It would be better if it were black. Good luck!