My new logo what yuh think?

wow neat! haha guy flying. i bet it’d look even kooler if there was an animation of the guy jumping up and posing.

Nice job! :thumb:

lol first its trinity… and SHE is not a guy :stuck_out_tongue: secound its a logo… i dont want to make to much animation in my logo…

Nice job dude. Looks Great!

bohoo site is down for me.

server not found :frowning:

awwwww…I wanted to see the guy flying :frowning:

server still down.

sorry guys… my server bloked cos off humangus attacks on my firewall… :frowning: sub7, MSRCP S SQL so my firewall just shutdown the internet connection… but its fixed… and your welcome to view my logo :smiley:

Looks cool.

Are you a dance studio? Because that’s what I think of when I see that. Also her fingers are making the I love you sign.

aarrrggg… :frowning: whats wrong with you ppl… :frowning: never seen Matrix what planet do some of you live on? THATS TRINITY… and its a SHE… and no im not a dance studio… my machine is called that… :smiley: