My On-Going Thread of Flex/AIR Questions

Hi All,

First of all I just want to make sure what I’m trying to do is possible. I have a desperate need at work to have a database that a few of us use to access customer information and things of that matter. Thing is we can’t use “Shadow IT Projects” so I can’t send someone to to use a web interface for this thing. So I figured I could mask it as a desk App with AIR. Anyway this seems possible, correct me if I’m wrong.

My issue is that I have downloaded the AIR… thing, so I can run AIR apps. I’ve also downloaded the Beta Flex 3 SDK because I don’t have however much money it would be to get a Flash CS3 license. It seems like I should be able to build everything through Flex and deploy to AIR, if I’m reading everything correctly (I’m probably not).

So is it possible to build an AIR app through Flex? I’m on OS X and the Flex download just seems to be a big chunk of random files and such. No program or anything. Assuming what I’m trying to do is possible could someone point in the direction of tutorials so I can get started on this thing? I’m looking for basics, I need to know how to create the app and build the stage and where to plug in code and such.