My Pencil TOOL!


I wonder why my pencil tool doesnt work?? (MX 2004)
if i choose smooth it dont do anything… it doesnt smooth out it.

Same thing about straighten!!


Does it go all jaggy no matter what style of drawing you’ve selected? If so then I have the exact same problem. I hope someone can help us.

yes… that is what i mean.
When i installed the program it worked, but not now :frowning:

if it worked before why not re-install it

but maybe it will always go back f*cked up… but i will try :slight_smile:

i don’t really understand the problem

When I (or abraxas) draw a line using the pencil tool, it goes all jaggedy. This happens regardless of whether you have the line type set to straighten, smooth or ink. What the hell is going on?!

Flash is probably thinking that you have it set to Ink mode instead of smooth/straighten.

But why would ink mode make it go jaggy? I’m talkin’ zigzag style here dude not just slightly bumpy.

Hmm - select the arrow black cursor tool and look down at the tool bar and have snap-to-objects turned off :P. I don’t know if this will work but try it ;).

(Also go to view > snap-to-pixels and make sure it’s not checked)
(Also go to view > grid > and make sure snap-to-grid is not checked)

Like so:

Or it could be a bug in FMX2004 :sure:.

Make sure you update your FMX2004 monthly.

Says this updater fixes bugs. Maybe this will work. Who knows :).

Yess!!! It was snapping to the grid which I couldn’t see. Reefster you are a legend! Thanx!

It really worked? Oh I rock! And I only have FMX :P.

No problem FG - And make sure you download the updater I provided for the hell of it :).

Doin’ that now. Thanx again. That has been pissing me off for about a month now. Wait, why the hell didn’t I ask this in Kirupa before? I’ve got a head like a sieve.

Haha - don’t blame yourself. When I was a beginner, I used to get stuck with things for a whole week before I realized that forum was open for questions :P.

[sarcasm] Wow a whole week? Really? [/sarcasm] Oops, download’s finished.