My "PIE" preloader

Just a quick question.

I have a 10 frame movie clip which is like a pie chart, which represents each 10% of the frame loaded (each frame shows an additional 36 degree widge of the pie) , so that when the whole movie is loaded all the segments are shown.

How do I script this thing so that it will display frame 1 at 10% and frame 10 at 100%? It would just be supercool. Once I’ve learnt how to make a mc preloader advance in frames then I could create some great preloaders.

Would be very appreciative if someoene could help.

take a look at the actionscript I but on the “preloader” MC, it’s also a 10 framed MC, and it worked for me…

…you can test your preloader in flash by hitting Ctrl+Enter twise! =)