My site doesnt work on Mac?

can someone take a look at

I have friends who tell me it works fine on PC but not on Macintosh?


Anyone with a Mac have similar issues? Can you see it??



I think a lot of people have issues with Macs. If you design something to work on a PC (ie: Microsoft) platform, then you can pretty much guarantee that when you load it up on a Mac it won’t work 100%.

I don’t really know of any ways to get round it, aside from doing a quick JavaScript detection when you load up the page…

Hey Kitiara - I like your signature.

Anyway, not sure what you mean…can you explain further? Flash is supposed to be a cross platform format. What is the javascript suppose to accomplish?



I guess I’m referring more to the HTML back end that embeds the Flash movie. I’m not 100% sure, so don’t quote me on this, but the Mac might not like it, especially if it’s running Netscape. In fact, it could just be Netscape that makes things go a bit wonky.

As for JavaScript, you can run a few lines of code in your HTML page that will check what browser a user is running. Then you can direct them to a page that they can view in that browser, if that makes sense. That way you’ve got a page for running in IE, and a page for running in Netscape.

I dunno, your site works fine on my PC. It’s very nice as well, by the way. I really like the design of it. :slight_smile: