My site... like 3% done

I’m in the process of designing my design company’s website - my first full Flash site, and in fullscreen no less. - yeah, it’s just the layout really and even that’s not completely finished.

I basically just want to see if I can harvest some ideas from people cuz I’ve got a bit of a designer’s block at the moment as to how I should present my site’s content - I’m not 100% happy with my navigation at the moment (it’s not even finished but i don’t really like the direction…)

as for the background/mp3 drop down clip’s im having a bit of trouble getting an mp3 player onto that drop down clip and have it working - if anyone can help me out with that I’d be very appreciative…

I also wondering, is publishing my site in Flash 8 format a good idea or a really bad one? I want to use the ever-so-handy overlay effects ect. on my site but not if it’s going to cause usability issues - can i have seperate versions and a detector at the splash page to detect which flash version and choose the appropriate one?

The direction i would like to go with this site is professional, but with an element of fun/interaction and dynamicness to it (I want people to want to come back)

I’m thinking maybe presenting the content with white transparent-kinda windows, but that’s a bit boring too so yeah any ideas/comments ect. will be helpful. :slight_smile: