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Hey I like flash games but I don’t know how to put them on my website could someone please help me. also i know plces that block like game websities does anyone know how to get around it?

embed it… and found out how to embed flash in html. Hint you use the object tags

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ruski, that link leads to the “learn chinese in 5 minutes” thread, there’s no dbl post anywhere…

I found the thread in Flash 5 section too, sorry ruski :stuck_out_tongue: but your link is still wrong :wink:

woops…anyway, u get what im saying…

[U]and its actully triple post now…flash mx, flash 5, and server side.[/U]

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ruski, i know ok get lost i kneed help i dont kneed 2 know where i posted it.

where is that i looked put the exact link thanks

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you can click on flash 6 button at the bottom in the properties window and within the pop up window theres an HTML tag. hit that, and hit publish and it will make an html file with the swf embeded where you saved the fla. just copy + paste the code. and theres such thing as an “edit” button ya know…

here so where do i do that?

to get around blocking dont use keywords in your metatags.

how do i do that they even block hotmail

on the main timeline, click on the grey work area outside the white frame where stuff actually happens. at the bottom there is a “Flash 6” button. press it. then the dialoge comes up, go to HTML and hit Publish. voila…

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