My super dooper nightmare in mx hell

After screwing up with this thread yesterday I was hoping to get it right and solve my problems.

I have attached a fla.

In the fla I have an enter button and a read text button. When each is pressed a solid block moves in from the right and expands to fill an area.

I have established a variable to make sure that when the enter button is pressed and the block has finished doing its business the word loading appears. This doesn’t appear when read text is selected. All fine up to this point.

However there are issues:


I can’t get the loading box to blink, I have experimented with a function that uses setInterval and _visible=!visble approach within a function. Doesn’t work


When the readText button is selected the enter site button is still visible I would to able to re-start the block effect (moves in from right etc) sort of a re-fresh. Can’t get this to work either.

You will note from the fla that I have two buttons and a cube mc (small white circle to the right of the stage) the last frame of this animation calls the function to get the block moving.

Is there anyone out there who could look at the fla and code and give me even a little incling where I am screwing up.

I do enjoy multiple screw ups, so bring it on.

I think you have an infinite loop in frame 1.

Maybe, I dont quite understand what you are trying to do here. Anyway, here’s an example code fixed infinite loop problem.

function move() {
read_Text._y += i;
read_Text._alpha -= 20;
if(counter >=8){
var counter = 0;
var intervalID = setInterval(move, 50);

function cube_Start() {