My website

This is my personal website…


Let me know what you think I should work on for making a better looking site and a more efficient site.

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you seem to have alittle code problem,a nd all i saw at first was a red page with some snow, but after refreshing the page i saw your page. The site looks great I like everything exapt the menu, it deos’t fit the site. but good work.
And the last thing you should do is add a flash banner and add some action to your site.

good job

.:ICED T:.

What program do you use for flash? I have LiveMotion, but I never actually have tried to use it… definitely meaning to, though. I’m guessing it’s not too hard to do if you take a look at the instructions a bit and find some tutorials around the web, right?

I use flash MX, and yes it is very easy to find some toturials around the web, for example this site and

.:ICED T:.

Thanks a lot… appreciate the help!

looks nice but I agree about the navigation.
Looks like a a punk fanzine site has hijacked your site, well the nav anyway.