My Zombie Game

[size=3]Hey im not sure if anyone would be interesting in building a joint game together i can do gfx and sound i need a programmer basicly this is the 2 player co-op (Same computer) game:[/size]
[size=3]Sam Davids and Natilie Evans are top secret mine decectives and they are sent to a mine in the middle of the Sahara desert. They enter the reception of the building… no is there they though it was a bit weird so they decide to inspect the bottom first so they went in the lift and went down 20 floors they walk out of the lift and the doors slam behind them they see dead mutilated bodys they know somthings not right “Get back in the lift!” Sams screams, the lift wont open they turn around and pull out there pistols and they are confronted by there first zombie[/size]
[size=3]There fight for survival begins they must use the stairs to go through each floor(each level) as the story plots unfolds.[/size]
[center][size=3]If you want to help in anyway please contact me email [email][email protected][/email][/size][/center]
[center][size=3]Or post a message on this forum im also on MSN[/size][/center]

LoL top secret MINE detectives. i dunno wot they are but it sounds funny. also why duz a mine have a reception area? and can u even have mines in a desert?

Of course u can have mines in deserts and the reception is at the very top of the mine cos it aint really a mine its a big zombie making project

can u help???

Lol! Sounds kinda cool, I personally like the story so far. Could you post an example of your graphical work? If they are decent I’ll help.

lol. ok dude well u didnt realy specify that it was a zombie making complex