MySpace is Hiring!

Hi everyone!

MySpace’s Interaction Media Team (IMT) is looking for a couple of REALLY talented flash developers/designers.

  • STRONG ActionSript knowledge is required.
  • The right attitude required. We need someone who knows how to work hard and play harder.
  • Flex knowledge and amazing design skills are a plus.

This is for a full-time job at the MySpace Headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA so please only apply if you live here or consider moving here.
(No we don’t pay for your expenses…sorry…:stuck_out_tongue: …but we still can show you the area and our favorite hangouts when you get here! :beer: )

We’re looking to bring the best people on board to build an even better/stronger team. (yes we are aware of all the things that suck in our website…and we’re working on them)

We’re pretty laidback so no BS needed…just send an email with a link to your best stuff and a small text with your thoughs about the job and we’ll give you a call if we think you meet our criteria.

Thanks! And keep up the good work!!!
Wether you like MySpace or not it’s still an awesome place to work!

  • D.

P.S. Thanks Kirupa!