Myspace Mp3 player

Hey, i’m sure this has come up before but does anyone know how to make one like it? I want members of my community to be able to add my bands songs to their profile, in the same way.

Thanks for help…

Hheh, im working on one now… its qquite a bit through, dstill a bit to go… people just sign up, and then they have their ownm mp3 player, and can add songs… it will(i hope) be done soon

it would be easy with xml. there are many examples of xml mp3 players. google them:)

I am looking to do the same thing… I want to create my own mp3 player to use with myspace. I would like to have it look like the mypace band profile players. I have been using one that i have to host the music on another site but i think it would also be nice to be able to use the myspace music files as well. my profile address is If anybody could help i would be very greatful. I have Flash 8 Pro.