Mysql unix+date stamps etc


I need to take a date stamp in the database and convert it in the query to a unix time stamp. is this possible?

The format of the date stamp is i.e ‘d/m/y’ but i need it be in a unix format. Is it possible to do this in the query?

my current query is quite simple:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM job_specs";

But I need to do something like:

$sql= "SELECT *, expire AS (unix_time_stamp_thingy) FROM job_specs WHERE unix_time_stamp_thingy = 'current_unix_time_stamp_thingy'";

The reason for converting the date to unix is because I need to subtract 10 days from the date and I’m only aware of doing this with unix stamps etc. If someone else has a better method, i’m all ears :slight_smile: