im pretty new to mysql, unlike the microsoft access how can i make a data base using mysql for example a table with :
name and message on it can somone tell me or point me out to a tutorials please

well unfortunatly, mySQL doesn’t have a GUI interface like Access, you can either use DOS or phpMyAdmin. i would suggest searching the forums. I don’t really know any links off hand, but this question has been asked a million times here, you’ll probably be able to find something good in the server side forums.

find php myAdmin on google, its much easier than using a DOS prompt(at least for me)

MySqlFront =>

Sorry, development on MySQL-Front has been discontinued

as far as using with php and sql commands, yeah search the forum and you will find it

thought the microsoft server program had a browser in it, does here at work…

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**thought the microsoft server program had a browser in it, does here at work… **

could u explain a bit more, this sounds interesting

“Sorry, development on MySQL-Front has been discontinued”

maybe, but it still works fine:

(direct download)

i downloaded the forum like yours do you know how to set it up

copy paste the sql stuff into phpmyadmin, run => db ok
select categories table, insert entries,
select forum table, insert entries
i have php scripts to do both, but you might not want to use them as is or you’ll get the same stuff i’m using.
also, i added lots of stuff to the original file which would add unnecessary fields to your tables…
still, if you want the scripts, post back

after that i dont have to edit nothing from the php codes

im using php admin how do i do that with phpadmin

you have to edit common.php to insert your db info

read tru the scripts, and get back with the parts you don’t understand

ok tn x

so ill name the db phpforflash then ill create the table which is on the sql text?

hey when i created the db on php admin i get this error msg
The additional Features for working with linked Tables have been deactivated. To find out why click

Do you run this locally or online?
If online, your host may not allow you to add databases, most of the time they have one set up already with your account name which you’ll have to use, get the info from the host then, and just use their login/pass with the tablenames you want…

ok ill talk to my provider tnx ill get back to you for more questions tnx a lot really appreciate it


Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise

thanks PR

so how do i add categories on my forum?