Has anybody tried the guestbook of

You can download the files under his portfolio section (great site btw.)

Anyway, he uses following files

  • config.php, a file that contains the personal info.
  • install.php, a file that installes the MySQL database
  • submitentries
  • getentries
    and the fla. and swf.

here’s what’s to be found in the readme


a) Edit “CONFIG.PHP” to include details of database username, password etc.

b) Upload all files to server in the same directory you will be running the guestbook.swf

c) View “INSTALL.PHP” in your browser, usually “”.
This will create the table “guestbook” and all the relevant columns in your mySQL databse.

d) Delete “INSTALL.PHP” from your server.

e) Either run “GUESTBOOK.SWF” directly in your browser or drag the mc in to your own flash movie. **

If I open the config.php file i see the following code


/* Guestbook v 1.2  		          */
/* ================================== */ 
/* Flash / PHP / mySQL Guestbook      */
/* Copyright (c) 2003 by David Jordan */
/* | [email][email protected][/email]     */

// Enter your details below
$DBhost = "Your Database Domain";
$DBuser = "Your Database Username";
$DBpass = "Your Database Password";
$DBname = "Your Database Name";

// Do Not Change
$DBtable = "guestbook"; 


I guess that you should replace “your database …”
The problem is that I do no know all that. I created a MySQL database with a passwoord. But I have no idea what the username, or domain or name would be?

Do you guys have any hints?

a brief schets of my website maps

My website is
I I log into the website using ws_ftp I have following maps

I’ve got first of all

  • bin
  • dev
  • etc
  • ftp
  • include
  • proc
  • usr
  • var

I have to click on usr to go to my site index

I have then following maps

  • bin
  • home
  • local
  • sbin
  • share

then I have to click on local
then I have

  • apache
  • bin
  • etc
  • lib
    - mysql
  • openssh_sphera
  • perl
  • Zend

then I click on apache and then I have to click on htdocs to enter the root of my site, the place where I can upload my index.htm files etc

If I go to then you go to. …/usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.htm

Can someone help? Please?

Please tell me if I’m haven’t made myself clear