Mysterious Whitespace in Firefox

Hey people. This has been driving me nuts and no one seems to have a solution so far, so I am posting here.

I am using a table that has images in the cells. the padding, spacing, and border is set to 0 and the images should lie flush to eachother. this works fine in IE and Opera, but in Firefox I get a wonderful little mysterious gap under the images. There is also no extra carriage returns or characters in the code.

There is a quick hack to fix this phenomenon, if you put an align=“left” in the image tag, it gets rid of the gap. I don’t know if this is just another dumb firefox bug, or if it is just some css or xhtml thing that I don’t know about, but I need to know WHY the gap is being caused because i CAN’T use the align trick. If I use that it messes up the alignment on my lovely dropdown menus, so I need to get rid of the gap some other way. Does anyone have any ideas?

maybe try making sure that the table sizes are defined, instead of like 100% and stuff… if youre image is 10x200 make the table 10x200 in size too. See if that helps… I wouldn’t know w/o actually troubleshooting the file.