Mystery in my website (loading problems from an HTML file)

Hi there I’m a noob with de AS stuff, and I’m building some websites in full flash, and i found some common problems in my websites.

they work perfectly in my hard drive Imean the load of external swf’s (witch contain xml data and stuff) workx fine in the swf fle


when I put it in the HTML document (with the background and other things in the html) and Upload to the server. the [COLOR=Red]Load movies doesn´t work! [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]

I make a test opening the swf online (from the server) on a browser window and the file works perfectly I mean [COLOR=Red]it loads the movies and works fine[/COLOR]. (oviously I can not use this option bicose any one could download my site with a right click =P)

so why it works opening the swf from the server and why doesn’t work opening the same swf in the HTML document.

[COLOR=YellowGreen]I’m kind of lost here it doesn’t make any sense to me can any one tell me how can I fix this?[/COLOR]

Sorry if yo can’t undertand my english writing very well I’m from mexico and never took english clases :stuck_out_tongue: