n00b FLV prob

hey peoples of Kirupa.com

I have to put a video on a website for a client but i’ve never done such a thing before. I was given an .MOV and I used FLASH 8 to Import the video. It works fine when i view it locally. Whe I view it online, it doesn’t load (in this page: http://www.tsaconas.com/lightsmusic/?section=media). So, I decided to load the file on it’s own (the .SWF): it eventually started playing after about 30 seconds but streaming to 1/4th of it’s size.

I just streamed the .MOV onine and it’s loading but slowly.

So, is it just a streaming prob, or is their something up with my code?

<object width="375" height="375">
	<param name="movie" value="flash/febuaryAir.swf">
	      <embed src="flash/febuaryAir.swf" width="375" height="375"></embed>

thank you!