Name my tool!

Not as kinky as it sounds :frowning:

So I’ve been writing this tool for my bosses for two months at work and it’s nearing completion and I still haven’t named the thing. I was thinking of actually not even giving it a name but I just found out the whole management staff for my organization wants in on the tool so I basically have to make it as legit as possible now, which totally takes the fun out of it.

Basically what it dew:
Tracks every employee on every account (we all travel a lot). Most of it is calendar based and shows you tables of who is where and what they’re doing and shizzle of that nizzle. It also does (and will expand to do) a lot of graphing and utilization tracking and things like that. It’ll grow and expand a lot from there but essentially it’s just a resource management and tracking tool, the resources just happen to be employees.

So any thoughts would be nice. I’m going to have to request a hostname and subdomain at work for it so it needs to be something not really that common because I work for a huge tech company and probably 99% of the english language is already taken.

So help me name it?:king: