NaN solution? From adding two variables

I need help, and though I have used flash for years professionally, I have not ever used it to add variables specifically for a spreadsheet-like purpose, so any noob advice I will gladly take…because I have only ONE tutorial that remotely comes close to creating a real-time or dynamic spreadsheet. So before I went off and tried to code the whole spreadsheet, I created a function for just two variables which are input boxes on the main timeline addition = {(weeklyOrderFastners),(weeklyOrderHydraulic)} converted the variables to Numbers and changed their variable name for simplicity.

Here is the code that sits on the main timeline.

function OrderTotals () {
one = Number(weeklyOrderFastners);
two = Number(weeklyOrderHydraulic);
weeklyOrderTotal = one + two;
currentNumOrdersPerWeek = Number(weeklyTotalOrders);


And I have this on the parameters on a component button (for testing) action on the stage.

Click Handler=OrderTotals

after I test the movies and put numbers in the variable fields and hit the button it returns a NaN.

So I am stumped I thought I converted the variable to a Number…
I have many more variables to add, so once again any noob info on this area of actionscript is greatly appreciated…