Navigation bar problem flash

I made a navigation bar with macromedia 5 for a web page. When i preview it on my computer it´s ok but when i upload the movie and the html file the navigation bar does´t appear on the page. \rdoes anybody know what could be the problem?\rthank you

are you sure you’re uploading BOTH the swf and the html? If so, are you sure that they are both in the same directory?

It´s like the flash movie never finish downloading or something like that.\…ntials.htm\rthis is the url.\rthanks\r Ale

It looks to me from your html source code that the navigbar.swf and all the references in your javascript are to html docs that are one directory above the one where this doc (essentials.htm) lives.I think that’s why it can’t find them from the jump menu and why it won’t load the .swf.\r good luck

are you saving it as .fla or .swf? If its .fla…you need to open up your flash movie…then go to File>Export Movie>name it whatever you want…and make sure its extension is .swf…then try that on the page…it might work…try it out and tell us what you come up with.