Navigation beetween two fla

Hi , I’m not sure this topic is realy new but couldn’t find it in the search section .
Anyway , it’s my first site and I’m beginner in flash but I can do some stuff yet .
Here’s my problem :
I have two fla , they work well .
At the end of my first fla a buton call a second fla by the script loadMovieNum .
The second fla run over the first fla with the loadMovieNum(“second fla.swf”, 0) .
On my second fla I’d like to put a return buton that send me to the first fla but on a specific frame , because I don’t want to see everything from the beginning .

So what script I shall put on that return buton :
I know this one :
on (release){
loadMovieNum(“mon premier fla .swf”,0);
but where to put a frame number ?
Another ( simple ) solution is also welcome !
Thank you