Navigation links

this is simple … how would i go about making a navigation like this used on this website here :moustache

You can go to fireworks, that exact system is very easy to create…

If you have fireworks… look up in help file “drop down menus” or something… real easy

try this:

It has the same concept as the site that you listed.


I looked up in help file “drop down menus” for fireworks and I don’t see that help file. Please help. Thx


Did you figure out how to do the smart menu by using Fireworks? Thx


The smart menu from is for the menu on the top of the web page. Do you have an example of the menu locating one on top of the other? Thx

Okay, should have been clearer:
In fireworks do this:
Choose Modify > Pop-up Menu > Add Pop-up Menu

…and voila!

thanks for the replies fellas … ummm so u say fireworks can acccomplish this … sweet i got that app … help menu lol :asian:

Thanks russian beer your the shyznit … wit a little reading of the help browser i got it the way i want … sweeet