Navigation Menu bar with flash

In order to replace a DHTML troublesome menu I made up my mind to design the very same
stuff with flash , despite I don´t know exactly how ;

The nav bar will have the following features :

  • 6 items on the “main” menu , as the mouse rolls over one of them , it will drop down
    its respective navigation buttons ;
  • as the mouse rolls out the main menu button or one of its navigations button , the dropped down
    menu in a couple of seconds is reseted to its original “neutral” position ;
  • the menu items are (they´re already movie clip & instance names at a time ) by the order :

#1-mcenglish ,
#2-mcservices ,
#3-mcases ,
#4-mcprof ,
#5-mcontact ,
#6-mcflash ;

  • mcenglish will have two buttons :
    button bteng is responsible to collapse the bar , and
    btenglish , which is a navigation button will be assigned with a geturl ;

  • mcservices has 8 buttons :
    btservices, btmaingoals , btsurvey , btsystan , bt const , bt homol , btimplan , btdatadm ;
    btservices causes mcservices to run down the bar ;

  • mcases has 6 buttons :
    btcases , bthealth , btretail , btinsur , btindust , btarenautic ;
    btcases runs down mcases ;

  • mcprof is a diferent kind of bar , this one has a “sub menu” ;
    it has 3 buttons :
    btprofes responsible to run down mcprof , btprofile , and btrobvaz which opens to the right
    the sub menu on which there are 3 more buttons : btresume, btprofexp ,btquotations ;

  • mcontact has 7 buttons :
    btcontact , btoplinks, btform , btemail , btsitemap , btwebmast , btwebdes ;
    btcontact runs down mcontact ;

  • mc flash , 2 buttons :
    btflash and btsiteflash ;
    bt flash runs down ;

I am feeling a bit uneasy at dealing with buttons because I realized that every time
I assign more than one command to a button , it becames quirk and sometimes fails
as it is clicked … and all I don´t want is to get nut with this menu ;

I´ve had troubles with this action , note that even the releaseOutside has not
assured the proper functioning :

on (release, releaseOutside) {
gotoAndPlay (148);
on (rollOver) {
gotoAndStop (90);
on (rollOut) {
gotoAndPlay (92);

I would appreciate very much to have some help on this matter , because I honestly don´t have
any idea on how to put together all that stuff ;

I am not quite sure whether I´ve been clear enough ;
if I have not please take a look at the original DHTML menu @ :

Thank you very much ;

you mind if i take a look at the FLA? Here’s a menu i’ve done before, the coding isn’t exactly the prettiest, but it gets the job done.

Answering step by step :
-I am sorry norie , there is not any fla yet , I decided to post just before to get started with ; I am trying to have a guide line , and will take a look at your work , thank you very much for your answer ;
-Hi , Digitalosophy , I intend to use the menu bar with HTML,
buttons (with exception of control bts of course) will have geturls action to link to the other html documents ;
Thank for you answer ;