Navigation Menu Issues

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]Hi, can anyone help me with an action script problem I’m having with a menu navigation system.

I’m using Flash MX.

I have created a menu system for the site I’m building ([color=#800080][/color]) where one of the buttons “Choose photographer” drops down a list of names. All the other buttons just jump to another page. The drop down is currently using tweens also the logo moves to the left as the dropdown appears and returns when the dropdown returns. All working fine apart from its a bit jerky.

It’s I just wanted to get away from tweening and use action scripts instead, as I’m a newbie to all things Flash I trawled the net for tutorials and examples so that I could cobble together the exact same effect. I have managed to get the drop down work and return using the action script and it does seem smoother and works slightly better. But can I get the logo to move to the left and back in time with the drop down…no.

I just wondered if anyone had the time to look at the .fla I have to help me with this problem.

many thanks, Rob.[/size][/font]

The fla file that I have uploaded the drop down uses a script which is not the version that is live on the site, all of that use tweens.

The only thing I’m trying to get to work is the logo to move over to the left on the rollover event of the “Choose Photographer” button and then to come back after the rollout event of the drop down names.