Navigation problems


I am making a navigation system and am having some problems, i have been trying to use if statements but am having very little luck.
here is the file that i am trying to fix
also what is the point of unloading and loading movies?

  1. as you see the about button moves up when clicked, that is correct. when a button gets clicked it should play (A)Up, (L)Up etc

  2. all other buttons should move down (this is from the first page they see) for example, if the links buttons is clicked, it should move up (or play mc AUp) and home, about, stuff, pics, and staff should all move down (they should play the (letter)Forward mc)

  3. so now the links button is in the middle of the .swf and all the rest of the buttons have dimmed and moved down.

  4. when the user clicks one of those dimmed buttons (let’s say about) then the about switches places with the links button.

  5. now the about button is moved up (mc AUp) and the links button is dimmed and moved down (mc LForward)

  6. now when the home button is pressed all buttons should move to their original positions mc (letter)reverse

i hope you understand this! thank you very much for helping me out

I’m looking @ your example but to answer the quick part of your question. Unloading movies is done to free up RAM & make your .swf run more effeciently. Loading movies as they are needed is done to make your initial flash movie load quicker. In other words a visitor to your site may be interested in only one particular section of the site. When they click on the area thata interest them then you load the movie for them. Why have them sit & wait a long time for every single element of your site to load. This assumes they will want to see every movie. Long load times = lost vistors.

Looking into the other questions now . . .

Sorry but I’m having a little bit of trouble following exactly what it is you’d like to do. Could you please clarify the type of nav system you’d like. If you have to make some screen shots or swf’s just detailing what each screen should look like.

Thank you