I hope somebody can help!!!

I have my main.swf lets say 100 frames - at frame 50 there is a stop action and a loadmovie command that loads another .swf into layer 1
When my swf that is loaded into layer 1 completes:

How do I have that swf unload itself and then continue running from frame 51 in the main .swf

Thanks you so much if you can help.!!

Just attach the unLoadMovie action to the frame that you want, it’s just the reverse of the code of what you have already, if thats what your asking.

Code: Frame 50


Code to unload:


If thats what you want thats basically it.

Hope this helps


Sorry, but I cannot get this to work still:

1 - main.swf runs till it hits frame 50
2 - at frame 50 a loadmovie and stop action to open another .swf at layer 1
3 - after .swf at layer 1 finishes I need it to unload itself (which works) but then also I need it to refer back to and start playing the main.swf at layer 0

Is this posible?

If you could send me your .fla [email protected] it would help, however, I have one question is the main.swf being loaded or is it just the base .swf. If you are loading the main.swf then the path would be different.

Hope I can help


In the last line of the movie that is loaded into the target, place a code saying


Then just make sure that the movie clip that contains the loaded movie does not exist on frame 51. It will disapear, preventing the need to unload it at all.

If you really need to keep the movie clip on the stage then you could do something like this.

on the root timeline in the first frame place this

breakLoaded function (){

Where targetMovieClipName is the instance name of the movie clip that accepts the loaded movie into itseft.
Then what you do is just place, on the last frame of the loaded movie,


and the function should do the job

It works great now!
Thank you both for all your help!
You hit it right on the dot iceman!
…awe… now I can breath again!