Navigation within EXE

I’m trying to build a projector file using SWF Studio. My projector file consists of 10 swf files. One of the files, which is the main file contains a company logo and navigation to the 9 other files, which are a series of tutorials. The tutorials load into a container movie clip in to the right of the navigation in the main file. So an example of one of my navigation buttons would be:

on (release) {
loadMovie(“welcome.swf”, “container”);

However, if I try to pack up all 10 swf’s into one exe file, the navigation doesn’t work. Now if I put the exe file in the same folder as all the swf’s (such as ‘welcome.swf’), the navigation works. Is there a way to have just one file, the exe, and have the navigation function in a similar fashion as if it were in a folder with all of the swf’s?

Thanks :slight_smile: