Nedd some help to finish my Photogallery

I am on the way to finish my Photo gallery page. For now the only button that works is PHOTOGRAPHY

When I pusch Photography I am loading a external SWF file with the Photo Gallery I have done it based on Scottys exelent XML photo gallery

Now they are soem functions that I like to have but its very hard to fix it

  1. The photos are nummeric from 1-50. When I push a button its remain BLUE so the viewer know that he have see this photo
    I whant that the same is happen for when I pusch the preview & next arrow

  2. Unter the photos you see the Pic info (Number) Is it posible to anker the Picinfo on the right bottom off every photo?

  3. I whant to to is to have the nummeric thumbs in the main page and from there to control the Photogallery.

main Page - Photography Button code:

on (release) {
_root.sweet.mynewmovie = "apnea.swf";

Extermal Gallery page nummeric buttons - apnea.swf

(release) {

Now how can I put the secont code to my main page so the I can control the

  1. Is it posible to have a slidshow button on scottys gallery?

Regards lambis

P.S. Sorry for my bad english. If you need some code or info please tell me.