Need a button to do two things at once

Does any one know how to make a button do to things at once.
I have a button(s) that has a roll over script to launch a scene, but at the same time i would like a caption to appear at the button. I have the code to do the caption and that works fine, but i can not incorprate the rollover for the scene commands.

I hope i explained this enough

Kind a new at actionscript


instead of using scenes, try using movie clips.
put everything from one scene into a movie clip with a blank keyframe for the first frame. then, on rollover, tell it to play.
you should let us see the code, too.

I don’t now if movies clips will work.

The caption header things is the one that is of this site, the caption header moves with the mouse, so its not connected to the scene as such…if you know what i mean.

I tried using movies but could not get them to work, as i tried to produce each page as a movie clip instead of a scene but when recalling them, it did not work…

This is the code for the buttons to do the caption header:

on (rollover) {
if (proc=Fasle){
if (CurrentSection !=“About 1”){
gotoAndPlay (“About 1”);

This was copied from the tutorial site.

This and the other assoicated code for the caption to work…works fine.
What I need to do is start a scene on rollover as well, and when you rollout of the button the scene stops and disappears.

I’ll try and give Movie Clips ago, is there a simply guide to doing this.

again more HELP…!!!

well you if loop is jacked
you’re declaring proc to be equal to false instead of checking to see if its equal to false. make sense?

what you could do is go:
on (rollOver){
_root.MC._visible = _root.MC._visible = “1”;
make any sense?