Need a help in making a website SEO friendly!

We have a custom logo website. Initially, it was an idea of me and my friend, and my friend designed the site himself. But now we are facing a lot of problems, few pages are not working properly and even after so many efforts we could not able to improve over ranking and traffic. So could anyone help us to solve this problem and make our website more useful?

Hi Julie,
Could you provide a link to the website please.
Also what are you using for the site? no framework, Wordpress, React ect…
For basic performance issues, open the site in Chrome browser → goto the 3 dots like : → more tools → developer tools → >> → Lighthouse → Generate report.
If you want a deeper dive into SEO search ‘Ahrefs’ on youtube.

Thank you for the response. I would follow the process that you mentioned. I hope it works!