Need a VBULLETIN programmer/coder ASAP! $100


I am in need of a vbulletin program/coder as soon as possible. Here is the job:

My website, allows users to signup and create a car profile. There is also a vbulletin forum, however, that also requires a signup. I need someone to integrate both signups, so that when they register for the website, they are automatically registered for the forum, thus having one username and password for the entire site. I have a $100 budget for this project and I have been told that it should take less that 2 hours if you know what your doing. I will pay through paypal only.

Please contact me at:

AOL Instant Messenger - carlo2343
MSN Messenger - [email protected]

Ask nathan (slowroasted) :slight_smile: He’s good with this kinda stuff :wink:

Dude, don’t say that! I’m booked right now:P

hahahah :stuck_out_tongue: Just getting a mate some work! :stuck_out_tongue: