Need a very strong ActionScript 2/Flash developer

This project is not for the weak of heart. I cant go into too much detail at the moment (NDA type of stuff). But I can tell you it will involve AS movement, placement, drag and drop, XML and enhanced interactivity. I will go into more detail after I find a good handful of developers to choose from. If you are interested please contact me with some links to your works or a portfolio of some type.

I normally do alot of work with our resident AS guru (well one of them) Voetsjoeba, so the bar is set pretty high as far skills, workmanship, communication, dependability and speed. But alas he is taking some time off. So I am in need of someone for this project and a few more in the future. You can ask Voetsjoeba that I have a habit of filling up his project schedule so their will be lots of on-going work. You can work from your location and I am not against working with people from outside the US. All I ask is that you have your own server to test on, be on MSN IM enough for me to contact you during my business hours (PST), have a paypal account and be a all around cool cat. I am easy to work with and open to ideas that may enhance the project.

The pay for this project will be around the 500-700 range (USD possibly up to 1k). I know it is not a tremendous amount but it is what has been budgeted. No graphical experience necessary. I/we will be handling all the graphics and the motion pieces (AE). We will work in close conjunction with the developer from any graphical needs. For the most part you will only have to focus on coding. But having PS CS2 will help out alot.

If you are interested. PM me post here or IM me. I will provide more details to the candidates I feel possess the skill to do what I envision. I imagine the project commencing around the 2nd week of November. So it gives me a little time to feel out the developer and vice versa.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I’d rather spend my funds with a K-member than go to Scriptance or whatever.