Need Actionscript/PHP guy to finish project


Please send me you quote for the following project to [email protected].

I have an almost finished full flash website that needs the following final adjustments:

  1. Video Player Section:
  • Make Volume Slider
  • Fix code for XML Video Listbox
  • Customize colors of listbox

(the rest of the code for video player (control buttons, scrubber, etc.) worked perfectly until the listbox was made and didn’t work.

  1. Biography Section:
  • Fix random image xml slideshow to not repeat pictures until all pictures have come up.

(this little random image box does work perfectly except I’d like it to not repeat the pictures)

Newsletter Section:

  • Fix PHP Mailform.

(this is just a basic mailform with: Name, email, website, address, city, state, zip, country fields, all required except website)

Tell A Friend Section:

  • Create tell a friend PHP mail form that lets the user input their name, email and 5 friend emails. It has to forward an email invitation to the friends and at the same time send me an email with all the info captured.

(this section does not have a previously designed form, I only need the fields done and working. I will skin the form later on)

Please email me your quotes at [email protected] and then I’ll send you the working files.

Mr. Rust