Need advice/tips for type of Flash News System. Please read!

Ok so. There’s been something I’ve been wondering but I’m just not too sure on where to begin. This isn’t some revolutionary idea, I’d just really like to learn how to work this out and break it down.

I don’t want to be spoon-fed AS, unless anyone’s got some examples I could learn from, I just want some advice/tips on stuff I can look into to accomplish this. I’d essentially like to create a dynamic sizing content area inside a full flash website. Say for example it’s XML-driven… When a new entry is added, it pushes the previous one down and makes enough room to fit the new content entry. And say there’s a footer at the bottom of the page with maybe a couple other entries into the page aside from the News. It would push everything down to fit the new content entry.

That’s the basic gist of what I’d like to accomplish. Any ideas/resources/tips/advice/insight that anyone can provide me with would be really appreciated.

Thanks guys.