Need basic photo gallery, which gets image links from xml

Hi I need to make a basic photo gallery.
One like this:

Main mc in on the top and 6 or so thumbnails on the bottom. Clicking on thumbnails updates the mc on the top. I need to make actionscript to get the address of images and thumbnail from an .xml file.
I just started working with actionscript. helps a lot i search through forums which helps a lot, so far I haven’t found anything, if you know a link that would be of help also please reply, thank you

I need action script to fetch adress through an xml, like below, and display them in thumbnails and when user clicks on thumbnail larger image loads above in a mc,
kind of like here


thank you in advance

Pixelangry says: “Wow. Demanding?”

hey sorry if it sounds like that.
If you know something and you are willing to share. Please help.
Isn’t that what forums are for?