Need flash to get RGB values of colored movie object

Hi All,

I am trying to understand (eventually code) some way of having Flash 5.0 get the current RGB values of a movie object. The movie object is being colored by the user picking the color of a colored box (using a cross cursor) such as it is done in any graphical application. The Hue Sat and Lum can be adjusted as well. Eventually (dynamically as user moves the curser) that movie object has its color set to a certain color (a tween on its timeline). The position in the time line (therfore the color of the tween) is defined by the x,y mouse positions in a square (the color picker box).

The crux is to get the current color (RGB value) of the movie object that has its color being changed. With the RGB values I would like to perform some more action, such as filling the Red, Green and Blue variables that one typically finds in such dialog boxes, etc.

Any help is appreciated.
“climbing solo the peaks of Flash”