Need help adding captions to XMLSlideshowPRO []

Hi all,

I purchased the Pro version of XMLSlideshow from yesterday; since then I have been trying to get support from the admin there with regard to adding further animated captions to the movie, but apparently what I am asking is outside the scope of the support provided, even if you purchase thier product.

And so I am forced to try and seek help elsewhere; I am a very experienced programmer, but I am new to Flash and Actionscript, so I am having trouble finding the cause of the problem I am currently having. Ok, here goes:

I tried to attached a zip containing all the files that I am working with, but it was over the forum size limit, so I have uploaded it here; the component which I am having problems with (the component I have added) is the “mcPrice” symbol; it is my intention that this symbol should be controlled in exactly the same way as the “mcCaption” symbol.

I am sure that I have added the new component to the .FLA in the same manner as the original component has been added; furthermore, I have duplicated the lines of code in the file at “XMLSlideshow\com\simplistika\” which control the original symbol, and I have altered them so that they reference my new symbol (all of my new lines of code are surrounded by comments in this format: // DEBUG!!!).

The problem is, when the actionscript hits the first reference to my new symbol (on line 72), a #1010 error is thrown. Now, I understand that this error indicates that the object I am trying to access is not instantiated, but I have checked and double checked the .FLA and I cannot understand why the object is not accessible; the symbol is definitely present on the stage, because if you comment out my addtional lines of code, so that the movie will run, the symbol appears centre stage.

Any help will be very very gratefully received, I have wasted so much time trying to get this working over the last two days, its not even slighty funny.