Need help! fading buttons don't work

hi there. i am trying to make all other buttons fade when the mouse rolls over one of the buttons, something similar to what’s happening on
This is the code on my “home” button now:

[font=Courier New][color=blue]on (rollOver) {
newsbutton._alpha = 30;
projectsbutton._alpha = 30;

please help! i am attaching my fla here as well. it seems pretty simple but i can’t get it right.

u have no instance names for ur buttons.

click ur button and then go to the properties of it, ull find a space called instance name - type in the name ur using for that button, ie : the news button instance name would be newsbutton.

hope that helped

what you need to do also is break appart the text in the buttons because text wont alpha fade only movieclips

name your movieclip instances and then instead of adding code to each button do something like this just add this code into the first frame of a new layer on a timeline in the Actionscipt

homebutton.onRollOver = function() {
newsbutton._alpha = 30;
projectsbutton._alpha = 30;


newsbutton.onRollOver = function() {
homebutton._alpha = 30;
projectsbutton._alpha = 30;


etc etc but also you’ll need to make a on rollout function like this

homebutton.onRollOut = function() {
newsbutton._alpha = 100;
projectsbutton._alpha = 100;


just so that everything turns back to normal on rollout

please also note that this wont be a smooth transistion like you may be hoping for but there is ways to do this and also note that there’s alot of easier ways to do these things i’m pretty new to actionscript so don’t take everything i say to be 100% correct and by the book… i hate books :slight_smile: