Need help, i want to make an audio player in flash mx 2004

So i can have my own music for my website, i’m too newbie to do it my self, so i anybody there who can tell/teach me about a good tutorial or something?

i’d like the audioplayer do this things:

  • every song it’s gonna be on it’s own swf file

  • when the movie shows up the first song starts to load, and when a portion of it loads start to playing, and it continues downloading until it finishes

  • need to have next, back, stop and play buttons.

  • the next button start to load the new song again and start to play it

  • the back same as above

  • stop

  • play

  • sound scroller

  • song scroller with animation of playing the song until it ends

  • song title, something dynamic

p.s. i’m sorry for this stupid question, but i want to learn to do that in flash
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