Need Help in uploading image via link and exporting and uploading fish product

Hi, before anything else im just a casual coder so im not too familiar with flash specially the “class” thingy so please go easy on me. I have a project widget (i have no choice since im the only one who knows flash…), which i need to upload an image file via link (photobucket,friendster,myspace etc) then ill edit the image via flash (crop,flip/rotate,change the body etc) then when im done i need to save the working area to our server then call the link back to the flash widget. Something like this but for me the tutorial is quite complicated >.<, . So far, im done with the editing part (crop,flip/rotate,move,change the body/template etc), im stuck with the saving part. Some tutorial said i need php to do the job for me but im not sure if what im doing is right since when i try the codes, nothing happens…

and 1 more thing, when i load image, the image is not placed at the center, so when i flip the image, the image flip at the right side, and when i chane the .x value, the image flip again. So how can i resolve the issue? first i need to load the image at the center and when i stretch the image, i wish the image stay at the current state (flip).

I hope i make sense since im not good at explaining myself >.>

Thanks and more power.