Need help loading external swfs + more

This is my site.
What i have done is that i want to load an external swf file when i click on the flash resources button. The action script code that i used is
on (release) {
i also inserted a new movie clip and called the instance name contents. This would be located in the top left square on the bottom right hand corner. So then it when you clicked on the button for flash resources you would see the swf over the x logo. But this does not happen? I’m not sure why either. Also my continuous animation doesnt work either. When i click on my flash resources the circles become huge and move to the right and dont respawn. I do not understand why it does this because i didnt make any changes to the circles when i added a keyframe under “hit” The width and height of my movie is 550x400px respectively. Can someone please help i do not know why this is not working.:puzzled: