Need help on flash+asp integration


i need a small help…

i am working in flash + asp integration work. my task is to accept a string value which is coming from .asp file and to store inside a flash variable.

my doubts are: i dont know wat is asp, how they will send it to flash ? and string is in which format ? i know the content of the string what they are going to send ie <pictures><picture thumb=“test-images/01.png” description=“Tons of customisation options” name="**" param="_blank"></picture><picture thumb=“test-images/02.png” description=“User controlled rotation or auto-rotate” name="[URL=“”]**" param="_blank"></picture><picture thumb=“test-images/03.png” description=“Item description” name="[URL=“”]" param="_blank"></picture></pictures>

**this string is nothing but xml structured string. **

now i need to accept this string 1st. how to accept that ?

any solutions would be appreciated…