Need Help Please!

Hey everyone, I got a question to ask:\r\rWhat do you do to make a button that reverses the direction of an object that was rendered in swift 3D v2?\r\rIs it even possible?\r\rThanks for your help!

make the rendered object into it’s own movie clip.\rin it’s object actions:\ronClipEvent(enterFrame){\rif(_currentframe > 1 and _root.zClipPlay){\rgotoAndStop(_currentframe + _root.nPlayDir);\r}\r}\rin it’s first frame:\r_root.zClipPlay = false;\rstop();\rthen, on a button, to make it go in reverse (it will play backwards and stop at frame 1):\ron(release){\r_root.zClipPlay = true;\r_root.nPlayDir = -1;\r}\r\r\r:) \rjeremy

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!\rYOU JUST MADE MY 3D ANIMATION BETTER!!!\r:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: